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I really should have done this forever ago -_-;; Please don't hurt me BUT if you have anything to say about the way I play Michael or my RPing in general, here's the place to do it

You know the drill: anon posting on, IP logging off, comments are screened etc, so go nuts 8D

You can also catch me on AIM at caughtinatrapbot.


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RL with onesnipe | Levels of gay > 9000

[So he may or may not have been kinda sorta on a notdate with a guy he wasn't planning to fuck.

Well. Weirder shit had happened.

After picking Michel up, Michael had world hopped them back to Earth. He didn't take them to any of the large cities - it would be all to easy for something to go wrong and for him to get caught - but instead took him to the same place Nena had dragged him shopping in California. It had seemed safe enough.

Michael pushed his way into the mall, figuring Michel wouldn't be too far behind]

How long has it been since you were on Earth?

9th Apr, 2011

Holy shit, Nena actually ate a whole fucking bucket of ice cream. She literally just slammed her face into it and ate it all. That's not natural, man.

5th Feb, 2011

Shit. All I did was say 'Hi' and the old man practically bodyslammed me.
So usually Christmas is just another day for Michael. Nena makes him buy stuff for her (but that isn't really anything out of the ordinary anyway) but apart from that, he's not really big on the whole gift exchanging thing. And he certainly never feels obliged to return the gesture, if someone's stupid enough to send him something.

Doesn't explain why he's standing inside the karma terminal though, waiting for Gale.

Michael doesn't get sentimental (except when his siblings are concerned, but shut up), but Gale pretty much became his new best friend with the present he gave him. He idly tossed the knife he had in his hand. Someone looking out for his life like that? Michael could appreciate that.

[Locked to Tieria | Open to Tyki]

...So, yeah. Tyki wants to come visit.

RL with Gale | Grab Bag Virus

You'd think that as a Gundam Pilot - a person living life on the edge, with their life always at stake - Michael would be an extremely light sleeper. You know, wide awake at the slightest noise and ready to attack. And you'd be right.

For the most part.

If Michael doesn't sense any immediate danger, then you can pretty much count on him to be out of it.

Kinda like right now.

Being transported to someone else's room - into their bed - in the middle of the night didn't do much of anything to Michael, save cause him to be sprawled out on top of Gale rather than just his own bed. He'd even stolen all of the blankets here as well, the duvet wrapped half around him with the other half hanging off the bed, and was content to sleep merrily away until morning.

OOC note

Because I suck and am fail and should have done this like ages ago...

FOR ALL THOSE IT APPLIES TO Michael is now back on his own world. He left Gaia without telling Rufus or anyone else from the Company. The only people he did tell were Zechs and Tyki. So uh, members of the Turks and other Shinra employees may or may not still think he's part of the company ^^;;


[RL with Zechs | Backdated to 22nd]

Michael was royally pissed. It had just been one thing after another for the past week - "Oh, by the way? We decided not to chip you." - and then to top it all off, this goddamn virus had to happen. He was in a bad mood already when some idiot thought they could pretend to be his brother, so this whole thing with Zechs was the last fucking straw that broke the camel's back.

The journey there had been made in silence - and he still couldn't believe he was stuck using that rat bastard for a worldhop - as he was fuming over the fact that he had to have a chaperone, because he wasn't trustworthy and-- Michael cut that thought off before he destroyed something else.

He was extremely grateful when Nena offered to wait outside Zechs' apartment, happy that, when it came to her, he really didn't need to explain himself.

Scowling to himself - Zechs had better be in his apartment - he picked the locks (fuck, Zechs was one paranoid bastard) and let himself inside.

[RL with Nena]

Michael pushed forcefully off the wall outside the infirmary, making his way down the hallway back to his room. Hearing the news hadn't cheered him up in the slightest. In fact, while he was-- was grateful (something that he would never admit to) that he was not getting implanted with that goddamn 'control measure', he was even more pissed off than when he arrived on the Ptolemaios.

It was just like Tieria to fuck around with him like that. To just... issue an ultimatum like that and then expect some sort of gratitude for then turning around and saying 'I changed my mind'. If Tieria wanted him to work with - for his mind whispered - him, then he was going about it the wrong way. Michael felt like a puppet being jerked around on its strings, and it didn't sit well with him. Not at all.

He caught hold of the doorframe, bringing himself to a halt, keyed in the code, and floated inside. Hopefully he could work out most of his anger in there; he was pretty sure that punching out Tieria was against the rules, after all.
[Locked to Nena]


Nena. I Please I am so fucking sorry.

You... know that wasn't me, right? You know I wouldn't

I'm not



[Locked to Tieria]

We... need to talk.


[OOC | CR meme]

In love with/crush on
Family i.e. Nena and Johann
Where shit gets complicated
He finds you really interesting. As in, he wouldn't mind picking you apart just to see what makes you tick.
Michael is a massive troll, but you're amoung his favourites to piss off. Don't you feel special?
People he would fuck :3
He doesn't care about you, whether he knows who you are or not. He wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. In fact, he probably was the one to set you on fire in the first place and is now just standing there pissing himself laughing. Won't stop you from being trolled though.
You have his complete and utter loathing. He has at least seven different methods of killing you on standby, each one more deadly than the last. And he would derive great pleasure from doing it too.

Abandon hope all ye who enter hereCollapse )

Okay. So. I just wanted to get all the html in place. Explanations to be added ^_^. Comment here if your character wasn't mentioned and you would like to know in detail just what, exactly, Michael Trinity thinks of you XD


[Backdated to yesterday ^^;;]

Hey, Klaud. I have something for you.

[Locked from Cross | Voice]

Alright, this is getting fucking ridiculous.

I wanna speak to the asswipe going 'round stealing everyone's shit, because Cross is really starting to piss me off.

RL with Zechs

Michael was sat on the wall in front of Cross' house, arms resting on his knees, as he waited for his ride to show up. He never expected this to happen, but truth be told, he was curious about this Zechs guy - especially since he happened to be Tyki's fiancé - and this looked like the best way to get information.

Heh. And yeah, he had his knives on him.

[locked to Cross and Nena | unhackable]

Oi, Cross. We need to talk, am I right?

[locked to Zechs | unhackable]

Zechs. I wanna talk to you.

[OOC: All replies are as locked as the post -_-;;]


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