November 22nd, 2009


RL with Gale | Grab Bag Virus

You'd think that as a Gundam Pilot - a person living life on the edge, with their life always at stake - Michael would be an extremely light sleeper. You know, wide awake at the slightest noise and ready to attack. And you'd be right.

For the most part.

If Michael doesn't sense any immediate danger, then you can pretty much count on him to be out of it.

Kinda like right now.

Being transported to someone else's room - into their bed - in the middle of the night didn't do much of anything to Michael, save cause him to be sprawled out on top of Gale rather than just his own bed. He'd even stolen all of the blankets here as well, the duvet wrapped half around him with the other half hanging off the bed, and was content to sleep merrily away until morning.