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I really should have done this forever ago -_-;; Please don't hurt me BUT if you have anything to say about the way I play Michael or my RPing in general, here's the place to do it

You know the drill: anon posting on, IP logging off, comments are screened etc, so go nuts 8D

You can also catch me on AIM at caughtinatrapbot.
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    Holy shit, Nena actually ate a whole fucking bucket of ice cream. She literally just slammed her face into it and ate it all. That's not natural, man.

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    Michael was royally pissed. It had just been one thing after another for the past week - "Oh, by the way? We decided not to chip you." - and then to…

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    Michael pushed forcefully off the wall outside the infirmary, making his way down the hallway back to his room. Hearing the news hadn't cheered him…

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