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[OOC | CR meme]

In love with/crush on
Family i.e. Nena and Johann
Where shit gets complicated
He finds you really interesting. As in, he wouldn't mind picking you apart just to see what makes you tick.
Michael is a massive troll, but you're amoung his favourites to piss off. Don't you feel special?
People he would fuck :3
He doesn't care about you, whether he knows who you are or not. He wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. In fact, he probably was the one to set you on fire in the first place and is now just standing there pissing himself laughing. Won't stop you from being trolled though.
You have his complete and utter loathing. He has at least seven different methods of killing you on standby, each one more deadly than the last. And he would derive great pleasure from doing it too.

HAHA No one 8| Well. Kinda. When it comes to liking people, Michael likes to make things complicated for himself.

Nena Trinity
Nena is... everything. He has forced himself to change because of her, just so he can keep her safe. After all, she's all he has left, so he doesn't want to lose her. He gets too overprotective ALL THE TIME sometimes, and has promised to Back Off a little, depsite how much he really doesn't want to, because above all he wants her to be happy. Hates being away from her, because he gets panicky when he's not the one watching her back, but the whole QBW thing stops him from going outright batshit insane. They fight all the time. All the time. But it never lasts long, because Michael sucks at staying mad at her and because Nena has him wrapped around her little finger and he can't say no to her sob.

[Johann Trinity]

Cross Marion
As much as Michael hates to admit it, the bastard is kinda like family now. He's a mixture of 'dad' and 'really cool annoying sibling'; they'll talk about the girls they'd do, but then Cross will attempt to discipline him and shit hits the fan. He has Michael's eternal gratitude for saving Nena - although those words will never leave his lips even under severe torture - and generally making her happy. One of the few people he'd be pissed to see die.

? Tieria Erde
He just likes to make life compliacted for the Trinitys. Michael doesn't know what Tieria is to him. He's someone that he would fuck, no question about it, but he pisses him the fuck off like no other. In fact, they recently had a talk where lives were threatened, sex was turned down (by Michael, no less), and they maybe moved one step closer to understanding the other. Michael's feelings for him are as messed up as feelings could possibly be. He's definitely not in love with him, but he'd stay behind for cuddles after sex (idek that's how he puts it). Everything was more or less started by Ila - because Michael liked 'her' before he found out it was actually Tieria - and then completely fucked up by the threesome virus, because Michael still has the memories of being in love with Tieira. Gdi Tieria.

Lyle Dylandy
The better twin, purely by virtue of not lecturing him and not being as uptight as the other Dylandy. He seems to have problems (snrk) with his older brother, something that Michael finds interesting because it could be an endless source of amusement for him. As cheesy as it sounds, Michael wants to get to know him.

Tyki Mikk
Aw shit. This guy... I think the only reason why he's up here is because Micheal can't kill him. And because the sex is phenomenal. He lost major points for threatening his sister, but while Nena is more than happy to point a gun at him, Michael knows, in great detail, what Tyki does to people he doesn't like. And the thing that scares Michael the most is that he could hurt his sister, and he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Even so, Michael finds Tyki fascinating: his powers most of all (PD put it best when she said 'Michael's fascinated the same way he's fascinated with a dangerous weapon. Yeah, it'd kill him, but if he could play around with it...'), his feud with Cross, and his husband. Which brings me to...

Zechs Marquise
FELLOW GUNDAM PILOTS REPRESENT. That is, for once, Michael's more interested in learning more about Zechs and his Gundam than he is about fucking him. Although, he wouldn't exactly say no if the oppotunity came up. He finds the parallels between their worlds intriguing, but what really draws him in (and frustrates him in equal measure) are the multitude of secrets surrounding one Zechs Marquise. Zechs is always ice around him, always so uptight and proper, that Michael really can't help but keep on pushing just to see him crack and break. He finds his sense of justice and honour both amusing and irritating (especially since they've been paired together for Turk duties). Same with the way Zechs manages to find ways of simultaneously running from and confronting himself. TL;DR ZECHS MARQUISE DRIVES HIM UP THE FUCKING WALL.

Mikaela Banes
Pretty much for all the same reasons Nena likes her. Well. Close enough, because Nena doesn't want to fuck her. Only really became interested in her because she was a friend of Tieria's, but she soon stood on her own as Something Interesting (And Hot). She kills shit (even if they are evil alien robots); what's not to like?

Another guy he likes to 'shoot the shit' with, although it's generally not your standard 'yeah, I'd hit that' conversation. A lot of it is 'I'd kill him in a second', which probably explains a lot of why they get on so well. It doesn't stop them from taking pot shots at each other; they delight greatly in hitting each other's weaknesses, and they seem to have a knack for hitting it dead on. Even so, Michael finds Mello's curious mix of justice and ruthlessness particularly interesting.

Grimmjow Jaegarjaques
They randomly started talking one day, and Michael discovered him to be 'his sort of guy'. Then he discovered that Grimmjow had some awesome powers and that he was friends with Tyki and suddenly Michael decided to sit up and pay attention. His fascination with Grimmjow is a lot like his fascination with Tyki, in that he knows Grimmjow's dangerous, but his powers are far too tempting to for him to leave well enough alone.

Tony Stark
Two words: Arc Reactor. Michael generally started flirting with him because it freaked Tony out, and so Michael got a few laughs out of it. Doesn't mean that he wouldn't do him if he got the oppotunity, but it was more for the lulz. Then he found out about that arc reactor core sitting in his chest, and suddenly Michael was a lot more invested in his, uh... relationship with Tony Stark.

Allelujah Haptism
Mr Incomplete Supersoldier. The guy's just so polite, Michael just wants to see him flip his shit and go completely postal. Michael wants to see more Hallelujah basically, depsite the fact that he'd probably get his ass handed to him. He also wants to know if knowing more about Allelujah will tell him anything more about what the Trinitys are.

Setsuna F Seiei
First mistake: punching Nena.
Second mistake: flashing the comm as Nena during the g00 bodyswap virus.
Michael hates Setsuna, but it's not an 'active' hate like it is with Shiro. Michael's much more interested in pissing him off than he is in killing him. Although, if he got the oppotunity to do so, he wouldn't hesitate at all.

Lockon Stratos / Neil Dylandy
Michael thinks he is the whiniest, most annoying, pathetic piece of crap ever. It's somewhat ameliorated by the fact that he's was a good lay during that threesome virus :3 Lockon just seems to tick the boxes on Things That Piss Michael Off. He's another one who he wouldn't hesitate to kill if given the oppotunity, but he gets a lot more fun out pissing him off. Like telling his twin brother exactly what he did during that threesome virus.

Kuchiki Byakuya
Probably Michael's favourite person to troll; he could do it for hours, purely because Byakuya gives the best reactions (see: Byakuya's intro post).

Kurosaki Ichigo
Michael just loves to see him flail. But mostly, Michael wants to see that much more interesting other half of his that he breifly spoke to. Michael thinks he'd get along well with him.

? Gokudera Hayato
Michael's dear waifu, thanks to Xanxus. [Unfinished]




Shiro What'shisface >8|
He's dating Nena. 'Nuff said.
He's also a mouthy, arrogant little fucker (sound familiar?), who Michael can't kill. Shiro better hope that Nena's around though, if Michael ever finds out that he defiled her...

Okay. So. I just wanted to get all the html in place. Explanations to be added ^_^. Comment here if your character wasn't mentioned and you would like to know in detail just what, exactly, Michael Trinity thinks of you XD

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  • RL with onesnipe | Levels of gay > 9000

    [So he may or may not have been kinda sorta on a notdate with a guy he wasn't planning to fuck. Well. Weirder shit had happened. After picking…

  • (no subject)

    Holy shit, Nena actually ate a whole fucking bucket of ice cream. She literally just slammed her face into it and ate it all. That's not natural, man.

  • (no subject)

    Shit. All I did was say 'Hi' and the old man practically bodyslammed me.